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Brenda Gregory


Brenda Gregory began her career in court reporting in 1983 as a freelance deposition reporter in Illinois, covering civil litigation, medical malpractice, domestic, and arbitration cases. In 1986, Brenda became an official court reporter for the 16th Judicial Circuit Court in Kane County, Illinois, where she kept the record in juvenile, domestic, mental health, civil, drug, and felony courts.

After more than 20 years in the field of court reporting, in 2004, Brenda retired to explore other areas of interest as well as to spend more time in her role as a mother. Her dream of becoming a CART provider started to come to fruition as she began training with Gayl Hardeman in 2007. She obtained her CCP certification and began providing remote CART services with HRI CART in a variety of settings, such as the classroom and corporate, government, and private meetings.

In 2010, continuing her focus and love of CART in the academic setting, Brenda, in association with HRI CART, became a full-time, on-site CART provider in an Illinois School District, where she is currently enjoying her experience in the classroom with a high school student.


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