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The HRI Team

Janet Hall


Janet began court reporting in 1988 in Tampa, reporting predominantly depositions in public defender criminal cases her first two years. In 1991, she became RPR certified. That year she also received an A.S. degree in legal assisting from Hillsborough Community College, bolstering her legal knowledge.

Janet became comfortable covering court work, arbitrations, medical-expert depositions, et cetera. When her two children completed high school, Janet was available to travel. She has reported in Switzerland, London, Haiti, South Korea, Bermuda, Canada, and Mexico, to name a few places.

She moved to Manhattan in December of 2005 and there provided CART services for students at Columbia University, Teachers College, and NYU. She moved back to Tampa mid-2009 and became FPR certified. In 2011 she became CART certified (CCP) and currently services college and high-school classes on-site as well as business, legal and medical meetings remotely. Now a 20-year reporting veteran, she enjoys being a member of the team, knowing and valuing that every day holds a new learning opportunity.


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