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The HRI Team

Julia LaCava


Julia LaCava began her career as a court reporter in 1985, moving from civil and criminal court work through the '80s into the freelance deposition reporting arena, focusing heavily on medical malpractice litigation. By the early 1990s Julia had obtained her RPR and RMR certifications and began providing realtime via CaseView to her clients.

In 1999 she retired from the field to be a full-time mother to her two daughters, re-entering in 2006 as a CART provider with Hardeman Realtime, Inc. Since then, Ms. LaCava has added the CCP, CBC and CRR certifications to her credentials.

She has performed as a realtime writer in many capacities and venues, from live captioning of the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon in 2010 to projected CART at large speaking engagements, remote and live CART and captioning of various types -- educational, medical, technical, governmental, financial, and corporate. Ms. LaCava also spoke at the Florida Court Reporters Association Annual Convention in 2011, attempting to motivate other court reporters to join the CART and captioning field through sharing the experiences
of her professional journey.


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